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Let's Involved Ourself To The 21 Century Frontier Industry-----Custom Industry

Historical Innovation---Low Costs Epson UV Printer & UV Ink!(New Arrival in 2011)

1.Low Costs
1)Low Price for UV Printer----Our UV printer’s price is only 20%-30% of normal UV printers.
2)Low Costs for Maintains----The present UV printer can only use Konica, Toshiba, Seiko, and Spectra’s print head, which are very expensive for replacement. Usually, costs about US$3000-US$5000, but, our new UV printer was researched under Epson’s print head that being corrosion prevention treatment, the replacing costs only US$700-US$900.

2.Higher Resolution
The present UV printer’s highest resolution is only 1440dpi, but our new UV printer can reach 4880dpi!

3.Extremely Good Color Expressive Force and Sense of Reality.
Our UV printer has 9 ink tanks, which can express extremely good color and sense of reality, while, the normal UV printers only have 5 tanks.

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